Advising and Registration


As a newly admitted MSCS graduate student, you will meet with a Faculty Mentor during Orientation to finalize your Fall course schedule. It is essential to meet with your faculty mentor each semester to select courses and obtain approval of your plan of study. Faculty mentors are assigned to students as follows:

  • MS PhD students are assigned a faculty mentor from their major area (i.e. applied, pure, statistics, computer science).
  • Non-degree graduate students are assigned to the Director of Graduate Studies (
  • MST Elementary and Secondary Education, and DA students should contact Mara Martinez directly at 312.996.6168 or
  • China MS in Statistics students should contact Min Yang at



Registration for continuing students, including changes to any existing registration, begins a number of months before the term and continues through the first official ten days of the Fall and Spring sessions (or the first official five days for summer session). Shortly after receiving your official admission letter from the Office of Admissions and Records newly admitted students will receive an email containing the first date in which you may access the web to register and the necessary instructions. All course registration is completed via your account.

When attempting to register, if you receive an error message directly pertaining to the class or section you are requesting, contact the Director of Graduate Studies. The error message may indicate that the course is closed or that you need special permission to register. Once the override or permission has been granted, you will be able to access again and enter your registration.

If you receive an error message that you do not understand, consult the Registration Help Line at (312)996-8600



How many credits should I register for?

The Graduate College defines full time enrollment as 9 credit hours during the academic year and 5 credit hours during the Summer. However, many circumstances require enrollment in 12 credit hours including:

  1. International students who hold a 25% TA or RA appointment
  2. Graduate Fellows
  3. Holders of Graduate College Tuition and Fee Waivers
  • Most MSCS graduate courses are 4 credit hours each. Students in their first semester as a graduate student may want to consider taking a maximum load of 12 credit hours or three courses for Fall or Spring semesters and a maximum load of 6 credit hours in the Summer.
  • New TAs are encouraged to keep their load close to 12 credit hours for their first term, including Math 589 - Teaching and Presentation of Mathematics. This two-credit hour course must be taken during the first semester of employment as a MSCS TA and is offered during the Fall term only.