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Applied and Computational Mathematics

Applied Mathematics is the application of mathematical methods to questions in other fields such as the physical and social sciences (for instance, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Finance, Economics), engineering, and medicine.  Importantly, the discipline combines sophisticated mathematical techniques with specialized domain knowledge to derive and analyze mathematical models.  While all branches of mathematics are used in these efforts, the field of Applied Analysis (Real and Complex Analysis, Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis, Stochastic Analysis...) has historically been most closely associated to the term Applied Mathematics.  With the widespread availability of ever more powerful computers the field of Computational Mathematics (High-Performance and Parallel Computing, Scientific Computing, Optimization, software development, etc.) has become an equal partner in addressing applied problems.  The Applied and Computational Mathematics group at UIC has expertise in Applied and Numerical Analysis, Fluid Mechanics, High-Performance Computing, and scientific software.

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