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Financial Aid

With 150 full time graduate students, over 100 MSCS PhD students are funded as teaching assistants, and other PhD students are funded by research assistantships, Research and Training Grant Fellowships, UIC Graduate College Fellowships, and other external awards. While MS students may be considered for tuition and fee waivers,  teaching assistant positions are generally reserved for our PhD students.

Teaching Assistantships

Teaching Assistantships are awarded on a competitive basis by the MSCS department when admission decisions are made. Duties include teaching and grading undergraduate mathematics courses and tutoring students in the Mathematics and Sciences Learning Center.

Teaching Assistants (TA) earn a stipend plus a Tuition and Service Fee Waiver. The typical TA enrolls for at least 12 semester hours each term. Students must remain in good standing to continue in MSCS toward degree completion and to be considered for funding. Refer to the Graduate Student Handbook  for specific guidelines.

Research Assistantships

Research Assistants (RA) also earn a stipend plus a Tuition and Service Fee Waiver. RAs work with MSCS faculty organizing and analyzing data, preparing publications, and perform other research activities.

Research and Training Grant (RTG) Fellowships

RTG Fellowships are offered on a competitive basis by the National Science Foundation for domestic students in algebraic geometry and related fields, including number theory, complex dynamics, model theory and logic.

Board of Trustees Tuition and Fee Waiver

Each semester MSCS is awarded a limited number of UIC Board of Trustees Tuition and Fee Waivers. Students are selected based on academic merit, independent of financial need. Students granted this type of waiver must enroll for at least 9 credit hours in the Fall and Spring semesters, and 3-5 credits in Summer.

UIC Graduate College Fellowships and Awards

A variety of fellowships and awards are available from the Graduate College.