Pure & Applied Mathematics

The department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science (MSCS) offers undergraduate and graduate programs in pure and applied math (in addition to programs in mathematical computer science, mathematical education, and statistics)

At UIC our pure and applied math faculty have interests including algebraic geometry, algebraic topology, analysis, applied and computational mathematics, combinatorics, commutative algebra, ergodic theory, dynamical systems, geometry, geometric topology, logic, number theory, partial differential equations, and probability.

At the graduate level, we have one PhD program for all of our research areas. This program specifically prepares students for research and teaching careers; the skills involved translate to many other possible careers though. We also offer an M.S. degree with concentrations in Pure or Applied Mathematics.

At the undergraduate level, the MSCS department offers a B.S. in Mathematics. This program prepares students for a very wide range of careers including almost any job or career in which strong analytical and communication skills are valued.