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New MSCS Students

Important Information for all UIC Freshman and Transfer Students Heading link

Initial Mathematics Course Placement

New and transfer students are placed into an initial mathematics course based on ALEKS placement results or AP scores. See the placement page for information about ALEKS. Transfer students can also be placed into MSCS courses on the basis of transfer credit. It is crucial for success at UIC that students be placed into courses for which they have appropriate preparation.

Chicago City College agreement

Please see our page for the Chicago City College agreement for a table of equivalences between UIC courses and Chicago City College courses and special rules about math placement the apply only to transfer students from the City Colleges. Additionally, transfer students are encouraged to review the Transferology website for more up-to-date transfer equivalencies.

AP Exams

UIC awards college credit for certain MATH and MCS courses to students who have sufficiently high scores on Advanced Placement exams. Students should contact the College Board if AP scores have not been recorded correctly.

Please consult our table of what AP scores are required to receive credit for courses through the AP program and keep in mind that you may still be required to take the ALEKS placement exam to register for Math courses at UIC.

Math and Science Learning Center

Tutoring is available for numerous courses through the UIC Math and Science Learning Center.

Proficiency Exams

Proficiency exams are given at the end of each semester. Rules governing the exam can be found in the undergraduate catalog. Students interested in a proficiency exam should contact the undergraduate studies office.

Emerging Scholars Program

The Emerging Scholars Program offers workshops where students can work on challenging mathematics problems with classmates using innovative techniques of cooperative learning.

Getting to Know MSCS

You can learn more about undergraduate studies and our offerings from the following link.