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MS Degree

MS Degree Checklist

Please note the general UIC Graduate College requirements for the MS Degree listed below. Specific requirements are listed on our Degree Programs page.

  • At least 32 credit hours beyond the baccalaureate degree
  • At least 24 hours, or one-half of the minimum number of semester hours of graduate work required for the degree, whichever is greater, must be earned as a degree candidate at UIC. At least 9 hours must be at the 500 level, excluding research seminars (595), project (597), thesis (598), and independent study courses.
  • Only 400- and 500-level courses can be applied to a graduate degree. Credit toward a graduate degree is only given for courses in which a student received a grade of A, B, C, P, or S. Graduate programs may establish higher standards.
  • Master’s students who have completed all course credit requirements but have not yet completed a graduation requirement (e.g., thesis, or project, or comprehensive examination) are not required to register unless they hold a fellowship, assistantship or tuition and service-fee waiver.
  • Comprehensive Examination or Master's Thesis

Graduating Semester Checklist

  • Complete the Petition to Graduate in your myUIC account by the end of Week 3 (Week 2 in summer).
  • Review your MS degree requirements.
  • Based on the degree requirements listed above, email with the courses you intend to use to complete the degree for approval.
  • Complete the Transfer Credit Petition as needed, to transfer courses completed before admitted to the MS degree program.
  • Review UIC Commencement details.

MS Thesis Checklist Heading link

Steps to completion of the MS thesis are outlined below and complete information on the Graduate College MS Thesis submission process should also be reviewed.
1. Petition to Graduate by the end of Week 3 of the graduating term (week 2 in the summer term).
2. Form your committee with your advisor.  This committee consists of at least three persons, one of whom must be a tenured full member of the UIC graduate faculty.

3.Complete the Committee Recommendation form 30 days in advance and send to with your Committee Chair (thesis advisor) signature. This will then get sent to the Graduate College and an Examination Report will be sent to the Committee Chair.


4. Once your Committee Recommendation form is received by the Graduate College, you will receive notification of access to UIC iThenticate.  Students are required to review their thesis/dissertation and make appropriate adjustments, and submit the appropriate information as described.
5. Schedule the meeting with your committee, and reserve a room with Eloy Reyes (
6. Submit your thesis to your committee 2-3 weeks before the defense.
7. After the MS thesis defense the Chair will collect signatures from the other committee members and Email to the Graduate College ( and cc’ Note: If signatures are collected on paper, the Committee Chair should send a scan of the signed form to the above addresses.
8. Submit your approved thesis to the Graduate College by 3 November 2023. All theses and dissertations must be submitted electronically as a PDF using the UIC Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) Submission System.

MS Enroute to the PhD or PhD Students Graduating with the MS Degree Heading link

Students enrolled in the PhD program can obtain an MS degree obtaining DGS approval on the following two forms and  and filing the Intent to Graduate.

1. Request for Change of Graduate Program: 

  • Select concurrent enrollment in Section I.
  • The Current Program Code is 20FS 0439 and degree sought is PhD.
  • In section II. note the Program Code 2oFS 0439 MS.
  • International Students will also need approval from OIS.

2. Graduate Petition for Transfer Credit Toward an Advanced Degree:

3. Apply for graduation by completing the Intent to Graduate. in your MyUIC website. Click on the “Student” tab then the “Declare Your Intent to Graduate” portlet.

The Intent to Graduate must be submitted for the term you intend to graduate.  The online form is available from the time when registration for that term begins through the Friday of the third week of fall and spring semesters, or through the second week of the summer (eight-week) session.  If you complete an Intent to Graduate for one term and do not graduate that term, you must complete another Intent to Graduate for the new term in which you are attempting to graduate.