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Students planning careers in industry should seek training and internship opportunities early and often to experience practical applications of classroom knowledge and to enhance marketability in the workforce. Our partnerships with other universities and within industry provide excellent resources for MSCS students seeking career and professional development.

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The MSCS Department is a member of the ERDOS Institute, which offers career development and industry placement services, partnering five universities with corporate members.  PhDs from the University of Illinois at Chicago, Ohio State University, Rutgers, the University of Michigan, and Duke University planning to transition to industry have access to a huge network of peers and PhD alums in industry that includes weekly seminars, career-coaching, and job placement services.

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INMAS provides training and internship opportunities to math PhDs seeking jobs in business, industry and government (BIG). Professional and technical training programs prepare students for matching internship projects, while INMAS interns bring mathematical expertise to help increase productivity and profitability in partnering organizations. Sponsored by the National Science Foundation, INMAS is sponsored by the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and Johns Hopkins University. Among several universities in the Mid-Atlantic Network and the Midwest Network, the Math Alliance (representing underrepresented students in mathematical or statistical science) is a participating member.

INMAS offers training programs in Python coding, statistical learning, data science, modeling, and optimization. Participating MSCS graduate students will be matched with INMAS internship hosts in industry or government, or sometimes other organizations such as non-profits or scientific labs.

Other Resources


BIG Math Network: The BMN promotes careers in business, industry and government (BIG) to students and departments in the mathematical sciences.

BIG Jobs Guide:  The BJG provides information on jobs using mathematics, statistics, and operations research are projected to grow by almost 30% over the next decade. BIG Jobs Guide helps job seekers at every stage of their careers in these fields explore opportunities in business, industry, and government.