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Undergraduate Minors offered by the Department of Math, Statistics, and Computer Science Heading link

Screenshot of Major & Minor Advising page

The Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science offers a minor in Mathematics and a minor in Mathematics and Computer Science.  See below for details on each minor. Please note: Students cannot earn a minor in Mathematics and a minor in Mathematics and Computer Science.

To declare a minor, use the “Add/Update LAS Minor/Certificate” form linked from the LAS Major & Minor Advising page, pictured to the right.

Important note for Engineering Students: Because of the substantial overlap in degree requirements, Computer Science majors in the Engineering College are not allowed to minor in Mathematics and Computer Science.  All Engineering students may minor in Mathematics, but have additional special requirements for completing the minor.  Due to substantial duplication of courses and/or content in the major and minor, Engineering Students who minor in Math must take at least two courses (6 credit hours) that are not already required for their Engineering major. Additionally, at least half of the credit hours for the minor must be taken at UIC. Note that Math 215 is reserved for MCS majors. Students interested in taking this course will need to seek approval from the Math Department.

Undergraduate Minors Heading link

Math Minor Requirements for Engineering Students Heading link

See below for minor requirements for various Engineering Programs. Please note: In addition to the listed requirements below, students must complete half of the credits needed for their minor in residency at UIC.