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Chicago City College Agreement

Chicago City College students with insufficient placement test scores can be admitted to a course if they have a grade of C or higher in the corresponding CCC prerequisite course, and get the approval of the Dean of Students of their UIC College. They must still take the placement test before meeting the Dean. Also, students should have taken the prerequisite course within the previous year.

UIC Math Course Sequence CCC Math Course Sequence
Math 070 (3hr) Math 110 (4hr)
Math 090 (5hr) Math 112 (4hr)
Math 118 (5hr) Math 118 (4hr)
Math 121 (5hr) Math 140 + Math 141 (4+3hr)
Math 121 (5hr) Math 143 (6 hr)
Math 123 (5hr) Math 125 (4hr)
Math 150 (3hr) Math 135 (4hr)
Math 135 (4hr) Math 135 (4hr)
Math 165 (5hr) Math 204 (4hr)
Math 180 (5hr) Math 207 (5hr)
Math 181 (5hr) Math 208 (5hr)
Math 210 (3hr) Math 209 (5hr)
Math 220 (3hr) Math 210 (3hr)
Math 205 (5hr) Math 214 (5hr)