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AP Credit

Note that even if you have received a course credit based on your AP test score, you may still have to take the ALEKS placement exam.  Please see consult our webpage about course placement for more details on whether or not you must also take the ALEK placement exam.



AP (Advanced Placement) Credit Heading link

The following table lists the minimum AP scores required to received credit in various Math courses, as well as the next math course we recommend enrolling in.
AP Score Credit granted for Recommended next Math course
AB-1,2; BC-1,2 None granted based on ALEKS test results
AB-3 Math 121 (effective Fall 2016) Math 180
AB-4,5 Math 180 Math 181
BC-3 and AB-4,5 Math 180 Math 181
BC-4,5 Math 180 and Math 181 Math 210