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Undergraduate MSCS Scholarships

MSCS Awards and Scholarships

See below for the list of awards restricted to MSCS majors.

If you have any questions, please contact our Undergrad Studies staff.

Descriptions of MSCS Scholarships Heading link

UIC Professor Herbert Alexander Award Fund

The Herbert Alexander Award was established by Susan Alexander in memory of her husband. Professor Herbert Alexander was a distinguished analyst who taught in the MSCS department from 1975 until his death in 1999.

Louise Hay Department of Mathematics Award

The Louise Hay Award is supported by a fund created by Professor Louise Hay, Head of the MSCS Department from 1980 until her death in 1989. The award has been given since 1984.

Bernard Kurtin Scholarships

The Bernard Kurtin Scholarship is in honor of Bernard J. Kurtin, who was a physics major at St. Procopius College (now Benedictine University, Illinois). His belief in the importance of the sciences and math was demonstrated with a bequest he provided to establish the Kurtin Scholarship for Mathematics and Physics at UIC, starting in 2007.

UIC Victor Twersky Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Victor Twersky Memorial Scholarship Fund is supported by a fund created by the Twersky family to honor Professor Victor Twersky, a distinguished applied mathematician in the MSCS department from 1966 to 1990.

UIC Nicholas A. Yassan Award Fund

The Nicholas A. Yassan Award is supported by a fund created by Nicholas A. Yassan, an MSCS graduate, class of 2003.

Note: The recipient must be able to attend the LAS Recognition Dinner (in business attire), and will need to prepare thank you remarks for at the presentation of the award.

UIC Kathy Hill Cawthon Memorial Award

The Kathy Hill Cawthon Award was created in honor of his daughter by Professor Roger Hill, who joined the UIC Mathematics department when the UIC campus was located on Navy Pier, and who remains a great supporter of MSCS.

Joseph Landin Memorial Scholarship

Professor Landin received his PhD from Notre Dame and joined the UIUC Department of Mathematics in 1946. In 1964, he left UIUC to become head of the mathematics department at the University of Illinois at Chicago (then called the Circle Campus) and remained there until 1975 when he was appointed head of the math department at Ohio State University. Emeritus Professor Joseph Landin died in 2000. Upon the death of his widow, Esther Landin (they were married for 64 years), the Joseph Landin Memorial Fund was established in honor of her husband and the UIC Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science.

UIC Damber Singh Tomer and Meena Singh Tomer Endowed International Scholarship Fund:

The Damber Singh Tomer and Meena Singh Tomer Endowed International Scholarship Fund, which was recently established in 2019 by Dr. Damber Singh Tomer and his wife Meena Singh Tomer, was created in order to recognize and appreciate the various opportunities provided to Dr. Damber Singh Tomer that allowed him to study at UIC. In order to alleviate the financial burden for current international students, Dr. Singh Tomer and his wife established this scholarship in 2019 for international students who study here at UIC.

UIC Philip Wagreich Memorial Scholarship:

Fund created in the memory of former MSCS Professor ​and Director of the Office of Mathematics Education, Philip Wagreich.

UIC Yeuk-Lam Yau-Leung Memorial Scholarship Fund

UIC Ramaswami and Sudha Gouthama Scholarship Fund

UIC A.O.L. (Oliver) Atkin Computing Support Fund

UIC Robert A. Chalupnik Scholarship Fund