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Careers in Mathematics

What Do Mathematicians Do? Heading link

Mathematicians make it possible to send secure emails and buy things online. Mathematicians are essential to analyze data and design accurate models in fields as diverse as biology and finance. Mathematicians enabled researchers to complete The Human Genome Project quickly. And because of the prevalence of the computer at work and at play, mathematicians will continue to touch everyone in modern society.

American Mathematical Society

Mathematicians are often asked by friends, family, colleagues in other fields, and strangers “What do mathematicians do?”
Here are some resources and facts that may help answer that question.

Many people are familiar with mathematicians in academia, but mathematicians also work in many other fields, including:

  • Astronomy and space exploration
  • Climate study
  • Medicine
  • National security
  • Robotics
  • Animated films

and in a wide range of businesses. Here is a sampling of articles about these careers:

The diversity of fields that employ mathematicians is reflected in
Mathematical Moments and Mathematics Awareness Month themes.

The above is excerpted from the American Mathematical Society‘s excellent What Mathematicians Do.

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We have conducted a Graduate School Advising Guide which is available in pdf format.
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Why Grad School?

An advanced degree in Mathematics, Statistics or Computer Science is the key to a wide variety of career options. Read on to learn more.