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Statistics Consulting @ UIC

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The Statistical Laboratory was established in 1985. It is a joint faculty-graduate student enterprise at the University of Illinois at Chicago and the Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science. Currently we have eight faculty members and about thirty graduate students. We provide statistical consulting service for faculty, staff and graduate students inside or outside the university. The current director of the lab is Professor Professor Ping-Shou Zhong.

What We Do

We provide expertise in a wide variety of areas of statistics and probability. The mission of the Statistical Laboratory is threefold: to provide statistical assistance to faculty, research staff, and students in all departments at UIC; moreover, we welcome and encourage inquiries about more in-depth collaborative research projects, such as the development of new application-driven methodologies; to increase the quality of quantitative research performed at the University; and to provide an advantageous educational experience to students of statistics through training as statistical collaborators. Once a consulting request is accepted, a team consisting of two or three graduate students will work on the project under the supervision of the faculty members.

Charging Policy

The initial meeting is scheduled for one hour, and its main purpose is for the client to describe his/her research project to the members of the consulting team so that we may estimate the number of hours the project will require. For UIC student clients, it is our policy that the student’s major professor or faculty advisor be invited to attend the initial meeting.

Be prepared to present the background for your research and to explain the problem. Since the consultant may not be familiar with the terms used in your area of research, please explain concepts in layman’s terms. We may be able to provide some ideas and advice during the initial meeting, but full solutions are rare at this stage, and should not be expected. Often, additional interaction between the client and consultants is necessary. The initial meeting is free of charge, but fees for additional services are generally required. If more than one meeting are needed, the Statistical Laboratory will charge our clients according to the following policy:

  • For UIC clients, we charge $50 per hour
  • For non-UIC clients, we charge $60 per hour

Contact Us

If you need statistical advice or consultation, please fill out the consulting request form and forward any supporting documents to the current Director of the Statistical Laboratory.  Our goal is to contact you within three business days to address your questions and/or to arrange a meeting.

Note: The lab operates during the fall and spring semesters and is closed during the summer. Consult the university calendar for the exact start/end dates of each semester.


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