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Bachelor of Science

BS in Secondary Education Heading link

The Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Chicago, in conjunction with the College of Education, offers a state-approved program of study that leads to a bachelor’s degree and a secondary school teaching license in mathematics.

Students declare the Teaching of Mathematics major as soon as possible. See Dr. Mara V. Martinez to declare the major. Students then apply for candidacy while taking or after the completion of Math 215.  Applications are found on the Council on Teacher Ed (CTE) website. Deadlines are February 1 for the fall semester and October 1 for the spring semester.

For the degree, a student must meet the requirements in Mathematics Courses, Professional Education Courses, and General Education Courses  listed in the sections below.

Mathematics Courses Heading link

  • Calculus I (MATH 180)
  • Calculus II (MATH 181)
  • Calculus III (MATH 210)
  • Introduction to Advanced Mathematics (MATH 215)
  • Advanced Euclidean Geometry (MTHT 411)
  • One of the two:
    • Applied Linear Algebra (MATH 310)
    • Linear Algebra I (MATH 320)
  • Abstract Algebra (MTHT 435 or MATH 330)
  • One of the two:
    • Applied Statistics (STAT 381)
    • Introduction to Probability (STAT 401)
  • One additional elective (Recommended: MTHT 590 or MATH 417, 425, 430, or 435)
  • Writing for Mathematics (MATH 300)
  • Mathematical Analysis for Teachers I (MTHT 430 or MATH 313)

Students must demonstrate excellence in mathematics by maintaining a 2.5/4.0 grade point average in appropriate courses.

Professional Education Courses Heading link

  • Education Policy Foundations (ED 200)
  • The Educative Process (ED 210)
  • Foundations of Middle and Secondary School Literacy (CI 414)
  • Survey of Characteristics of Learners with Disabilities (SPED 410)
  • Instruction and Evaluation in Secondary Education (ED 330)
  • Methods of Teaching Secondary Mathematics I (MTHT 400)
  • Methods of Teaching Secondary Mathematics II (MTHT 401)
  • One full semester of supervised student teaching:
    • Educational Practice with Seminar I/II (MTHT 438/439)

Teacher candidates do their supervised teaching in high schools throughout the Chicago metropolitan area. As part of the program, one full semester (14 weeks) of supervised student teaching in a secondary school is required for licensure. The candidate registers for MTHT 438 and 439 during that semester. For further information, ask the Council on Teacher Education if they can provide you a Student Handbook.

General Education Courses Heading link

General Education courses are determined by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) requirements for graduating – see LAS Information from the Undergraduate Catalog for details. Please contact your LAS adviser for information regarding general education courses.

For more information Heading link

Always consult your adviser when you have questions. In addition, consult your Undergraduate Catalog and the current UIC Schedule of Classes for more complete details regarding degree programs. For details regarding licensure, consult your adviser for the latest information. Licensure is subject to the most recent legislation and regulations (i.e., there is no ‘grandfathering’).