Class Modality – Fall 2021

Any course in the Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science (MSCS) that is listed as “mixed in-person & online instr” (i.e., on-campus hybrid) has an in-person component that students are expected to attend. Students can review more about the hybrid model in the policies and procedures page on the registrar’s website or about UIC’s policy on the provost’s website. Many of our MSCS courses will have one component (e.g., a lecture) that is online synchronous or online asynchronous, but will have an on-campus hybrid component in the form of a linked course (i.e., a discussion or lab). You can review all of your courses using the XE Schedule of Classes ( by checking each CRN to determine what modality the course will be taught. Please note: only classes with all components listed as online synchronous or online asynchronous can be expected to have full remote learning. Students who are registered with the Disability Resource Center (DRC) and have appropriate accommodations limiting their ability to attend in-person, should work directly with the DRC and their instructor(s) regarding class modality.

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