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Photo of aleeha2

Alexa Lee-Hassan


Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science


Building & Room:

628 SEO


Office hours:

Tuesday 4-5, Thursday 4-5, or by appointment

Teaching schedule:

  • MTHT 411
    R 17:00:00-20:00:00
    SEO 600
  • MTHT 465
    W 17:00:00-19:50:00
    SEO 600
  • MTHT 468
    T 17:00:00-20:00:00
    SEO 600

Research Interests

My research is currently focused on the learning that happens in a mathematics content course designed for undergraduate students who plan to become elementary teachers. I am interested in the ways that the pre-service teachers think about themselves and their future students in relation to the discipline of mathematics. I am also interested in the ways that such a course can implicitly and explicitly address issues of equity and critical math pedagogy.

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