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Pure and Applied Model Theory conference Oct 25-28 in honor of Dave Marker

A conference on Pure and Applied Model Theory in honor of MSCS Professor David Marker's 60th birthday will be held at UIC
October 25-28

Expected speakers include:

Matthias Aschenbrenner (UCLA)

Paola D'Aquiuno (Naples)

Ozlem Beyarslan (Bogazici)

Will Boney (Harvard)

Elisabeth Bouscaren (Orsay)

Artem Chernikov (UCLA)

Gabriel Conant (Notre Dame)

Zoe Chatzidakis (Ecole Normal Superior)

Lou van den Dries (Urbana)

Julia Knight (Notre Dame)

Maryanthe Malliaris (Chicago)

Alice Medvedev (City College)

Rahim Moosa (Waterloo)

Anand Pillay (Notre Dame)

Thomas Scanlon (Berkeley)

Pierre Simon (Berkeley)

Sergei Starchenko (Notre Dame)

Charles Steinhorn (Vassar)

Caroline Terry (Chicago)

Alex Wilkie (Oxford/Manchester)

Boris Zilber (Oxford)