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Lawrence Ein named UIC Distinguished Researcher of the Year

LAS Distinguished Research Professor of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science Lawrence Ein
has been named UIC Distinguished Researcher of the Year for the Natural Sciences and Engineering.

The purpose of the Researcher of the Year Award is to recognize and celebrate the efforts and commitment of those individuals who are advancing knowledge in their area of research and scholarship. These individuals inspire and promote continued excellence at UIC.

The Distinguished Researcher award will be given to four UIC researchers who have demonstrated outstanding research achievements in their field of expertise.

The award citation states: *Dr. Ein has been one of the central figures in Algebraic Geometry in the US and worldwide for the past three decades. He has proved numerous groundbreaking results, resolved many fundamental questions, and introduced crucial techniques that are widely used by other researchers. Dr. Ein and his collaborators have revolutionized the study of syzygies on algebraic varieties, resolved the Gonality Conjecture of Green and Lazarsfeld--a three-decade old fundamental problem about the equations of curves in space--and proved Shokurov's ACC conjecture for smooth varieties--a key question in birational geometry. Dr. Ein is a Fellow of the American Mathematical Society and has held a prestigious Sloan Fellowship. He has been continually supported by the NSF since 1983, and in 2013 was awarded the prestigious $2.5 million RTG NSF grant. Dr. Ein has over 70 journal publications. *

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