Faculty Awards

Fellow of the AMS

Sloan Foundation Research Fellow

UIC Award for Excellence in Teaching

ICM Invited Speaker

LAS Distinguished Professor

UIC Silver Circle Award

UIC Researcher of the Year

Association for Women in Mathematics Fellow

Benjamin Banneker Association Lifetime Achievement Award

AMS Centennial Fellowship

AAAS Fellow

ASL Shoenfeld Prize

LAS Faculty Service Award

TransUnion Professor

Clay Senior Scholar

Guggenheim Fellow

ISDDE Fellow


UIC University Scholar

UIC Teaching Recognition Program

Simons Fellowship

American Statistical Association Fellow

UIC Graduate Mentoring Award

American Statistical Association Leo Breiman Award

Institute of Mathematical Statistics Fellow

NSF Presidential Young Investigator Award

SIAM Fellow

UIC Distinguished Professor

MAA Halmos-Ford Award

Humboldt Research Fellowship

IEEE Fellow

Leroy P Steele Prize

MAA George PĆ³lya Lecturer

K-theory Foundation Prize

Fulbright Scholar