Paper by Paul Fong and Bhama Srinivasan noted

Fong and Srinivasan Paper Noted

The paper:, "Brauer trees in classical groups" by `Paul Fong`__ and `Bhama Srinivasan`__ has been selected by the Journal of Algebra as one of the most significant and impactful articles published in the Journal.

Brauer trees in classical groups

Paul Fong, Bhama Srinivasan

Volume 131, Issue 1, 15 May 1990, Pages 179–225

The paper by Fong and Srinivasan for the first time computed decomposition matrices in non-defining characteristics for classical groups of arbitrary dimension. Together with the papers by the same authors on blocks of classical groups, these results initiated the theory of representations of finite groups of Lie type in non-defining characteristics, now a substantial, well established part of the general representation theory of finite groups.