Jan 27 2020

University Fellowship 2020 Applications Due

January 27, 2020

Recruitment Award for Prospective Students

Description: University Fellowships seek to recruit outstanding students newly admitted to terminal master’s and PhD programs under the auspices of the Graduate College at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Applicants must be nominated by their academic program/department.

Award Amount: \$25,000 during the first year and \$25,000 during fourth or fifth year

Website: https://grad.uic.edu/funding-awards/graduate-college-fellowships/uf/

E-mail the following nomination packet documents, named LastName_FirstName_DocumentTitle, to Univers.281p0gaiauszfg6w@u.box.com by January 27th, 2020 :


  1. University Fellowship Transmittal Form and Financial Support Form (one document)
  2. Personal statement (use the document used for admission into your graduate program; if the student is eligible for the PIF, append the applicant’s career goals in one page)
  3. CV or résumé (optional)
  4. Transcripts of post-secondary degrees (copies of official)
  5. TOEFL or IELTS scores (international applicants only)


  1. Three letters of recommendation

For more information about the award and nomination materials, see the award website.


Maureen Madden

Date posted

Sep 23, 2019

Date updated

Jan 24, 2020