Oct 14 2019

Outstanding Thesis and Dissertation Award (OTD) 2019 Applications Due

October 14, 2019

Description: This autumnal competition rewards the most outstanding doctoral dissertation and master’s thesis in each of the Graduate College’s four divisions. Winners may compete in a regional competition held by the Midwest Association of Graduate Schools (MAGS).

Award Amount: \$500 for master’s thesis winners and \$1,000 for doctoral dissertation winners.

Website: https://grad.uic.edu/funding-awards/otd/

E-mail the following nomination packet documents, named LastName_FirstName_DocumentTitle, to Annual_.5ft2p2esw7n1hws3@u.box.com by October 14th, 2019:


  1. An abstract. Theses may use the “Summary” submitted to the Graduate College; however, it should be renamed “Abstract.” Doctoral dissertation abstracts may not exceed 10 pages double-spaced and appendices with charts, tables, figures, and/or references may not exceed an additional 10 pages.
  2. A concise (300-word maximum) description of the significance of the research presented in the dissertation or thesis. This must be written in language suitable for the educated layperson.
  3. A current curriculum vita that includes a list of awards, honors, publications, and presentations. (maximum 5 pages).


  1. A letter of support from the primary advisor describing the impact of this research on the field.

For more information about the award and nomination materials, see the award website.


Maureen Madden

Date posted

Nov 16, 2018

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Sep 23, 2019