Dec 4 2019

Louise Hay Logic Seminar: Mutual Stationarity, by Noah Schoem

December 4, 2019

4:00 PM - 4:50 PM


427 SEO


Chicago, IL

Noah Schoem: Mutual Stationarity

We can say that a set $S\subseteq\kappa$ is stationary if for any $\lambda>\kappa$
and every model $\mathcal{U}=\langle H_\lambda,\in,\dots\rangle$
there is an $M\prec \mathcal{U}$ such that $\sup(M\cap\kappa)\in S$.

But what if we want this result for a sequence of stationary sets simultaneously,
that is, given $\langle S_\alpha\mid \alpha<\tau\rangle$, each $S_\alpha$ stationary in some $\kappa_\alpha<\tau$, for every $\mathcal{U}=\langle H_\lambda,\in,\dots\rangle$ with $\lambda<\kappa_\tau$, is there an $M\prec \mathcal{U}$ such that for all $\alpha<\tau$, $\sup(M\cap \kappa_\alpha)\in S_\alpha$? We will explore what originally motivated this question and consistency results surrounding mutual stationarity. Please click here to make changes to, or delete, this seminar announcement.


Noah Schoem

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Dec 13, 2019

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Dec 13, 2019


Noah Schoem