Dec 4 2019

Computer Science Theory Seminar: Dimensionality reduction for k-means and k-medians clustering, by Yury Makarychev

December 4, 2019

4:15 PM - 5:05 PM


1325 SEO


Chicago, IL

Yury Makarychev (TTI Chicago): Dimensionality reduction for k-means and k-medians clustering

Consider an instance of Euclidean k-means or k-medians clustering. We show that the cost of the optimal solution is preserved up to a factor of (1+?) under a projection onto a random O(log(k/?)/?^2)-dimensional subspace. Further, the cost of every clustering is preserved within (1+?). More generally, our result applies to any dimensionality reduction satisfying a mild sub-Gaussian-tail condition. Our bound on the dimension is nearly optimal. Additionally, our result applies to Euclidean k-clustering with the distances raised to the p-th power for any constant p.

Based on a joint work with Konstantin Makarychev and Ilya Razenshteyn.

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Dec 13, 2019

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Yury Makarychev | (TTI Chicago)