Oct 11 2019

Award for Graduate Research (AGR) Fall 2019 Applications Due

October 11, 2019

Description: The Graduate College’s longest-running research support mechanism, the Award for Graduate Research (AGR) is open to all current graduate students, in programs under the auspices of the Graduate College, who seek funding in these three categories: travel, summer stipend, and materials/supplies. There are two competitions annually: one in the fall semester and one in the spring semester.

Award Amount: \$1000 to \$3000

Website: https://grad.uic.edu/funding-awards/graduate-college-fellowships/agr/

E-mail the following nomination packet documents, named LastName_FirstName_DocumentTitle, to Award_f.2eptaus2p10krtfh@u.box.com by October 11th, 2019:


  1. Application form with applicant information, including compliance with requirements of the Office for Protection of Research Risks.
  2. Guarantee of Matching Funds form (when total requested funds exceed $2000). The student will obtain written approval and signature from the research director/advisor, Director of Graduate Studies or Department Head who will provide the matching funds. The Guarantee of Matching Funds form that the student completes only requests details of this agreement. (Included in Application form.)
  3. Itemized Budget Proposal form. (Included in Application form.)
  4. Proposal Statement of no more than 1000 words, written by the student, outlining the proposed research and justifying expenses. Use one-inch margins and 12-point font. The statement should be typed or pasted into the table on the form provided. Students may wish to segment the statement according to the award’s selection criteria.
  5. Condensed CV, not to exceed two pages. The CV should be typed and attached into the form provided.


  1. The student must arrange to have a confidential endorsement letter for the proposal from the student’s graduate advisor (or research director), on letterhead, submitted to the Director of Graduate Studies electronically. The letter should be e-mailed by the endorser to Award_f.2eptaus2p10krtfh@u.box.com by October 11th, 2019 with the following file name format: StudentLastName_StudentFirstName_EndorserLastName_Endorsement.pdf.

For more information about the award and nomination materials, see the award website.


Maureen Madden

Date posted

Sep 23, 2019

Date updated

Oct 4, 2019